Syndicate Kyiv locals NEW


The Kyiv brand Syndicate presented a new Faded collection, the stars of which were sports suits in muted shades. Once again, the current fashion for sports style has opened the door for a galaxy of young brands that are rethinking their approach to casual wear. Longsleeves, presented in shades of gray, indigo and green find a balance between home comfort and modern street style. Longslee will fit well into a strictly sporty look paired with sweatpants from the same collection, and a classic evening - in combination with jeans and jewelry. On cold autumn evenings, we recommend choosing a beanie hat, and on sunny days, choose a cap in pastel colors. Get used to the fact that the real style is not only beautiful, but also comfortable thanks to Syndicate.

100% organic cotton. Dry cleaning. Made in Ukraine.

1 580 ГРН