Syndicate Kyiv locals NEW ONLY ONE


The "Faded" collection of the Kyiv brand Syndicate embodies the real autumn atmosphere that everyone feels with the onset of the first rains: nostalgia for warm days and jazz that plays in the background. Ogonek immediately drew analogies with the style of the West Coast and the atmosphere of shabby photos from an old Polaroid. An organic cotton sweatshirt is a thing that will be your right hand both when you want to wrap yourself in a blanket and a warm atmosphere of melancholy, and during evening jogs. We recommend to combine a sweatshirt with paired trousers from the Faded collection or you can experiment: we offer to combine a sweatshirt with tight classic trousers and sneakers, forming an eclectic image of a classic / sport. Don't forget your favorite pendant at home and enjoy the retro atmosphere of Syndicate.

100% organic cotton. Dry cleaning. Made in Ukraine.

2 780 ГРН