Low Classic: a step towards world fame

In recent years, almost every Vogue from the United States to Australia has written about the Korean brand Low Classic, and the brand's items have been sold to online giants such as Net-a-Porter and SSENSE for more than a season. Despite this, outside the Asian Internet space, there is not much information about the brand. Fans compliment him on Céline in the days of Phoebe Philo: the fact is that the brand manages to create naturally elegant, simple, but not ordinary models. If we were asked to choose one brand that, in our opinion, will become world famous day by day - the Korean Low Classic would be one of the first to think. Why him? We tell in the material below.

Every year, the label "made in Asia" confidently loses its association with cheapness or poor quality. Designers are increasingly opening the curtain and sharing the true Asian style, rather than fakes made specifically for overseas customers. The history of Low Classic is in tune with the history of the RIXO brand we wrote about in the previous material It is also a matter of friends who studied together as fashion designers at the university. Only in the case of Low Classic after the release of three friends - Myongsin Lee, Hwang Hin-Chi and Park Chin-Sun - went to work in different companies, and a few years later reunited to release their first collection for the 2010 SS season.

Despite more than a decade of history, the world has heard of the Low Classic not so long ago: for most of its existence, the brand has focused exclusively on the domestic market of South Korea, not delivering things outside the country. During this time, he not only occupied his niche, but gained cult status in the street fashion of Seoul. The brand's things seem to convey the spirit of the city - unconventionality in conventionality, simplicity, perfectly complemented by unusual details. In 2016, Low Classic items were purchased by American retailer Totokaelo, after which the brand quickly gained popularity in the United States and then in Europe.

"Classics are what you are comfortable with," says brand designer Myongsin Lee.

In its collections, the brand emphasizes that the classics can be things for everyday use that you can wear more than one season. They are easy to combine with each other, and the minimalist style with just a few accents adapts to your mood like a chameleon. The SS21 collection embodies the image of a modern hippie girl, ready to fight for her individuality and environment.

Beige-pastel color palette and basic things "with an asterisk" really carry the freedom-loving spirit of the 60's: soft fabrics, multifunctional dresses, bathrobes, classic pants with a comfortable elastic belt and jackets made of men's shoulders made of summer wool. Styles are adjusted to the millimeter: fitted things create a perfect silhouette, and oversize models do not hide the advantages of the figure, on the contrary, emphasizing them.

Low Classic is about freedom of movement and thought.

The brand always pays special attention to accessories in its collections - shoes and bags of unusual shapes. This season our favorite - ‘Big lucky bag’ in black and sky blue. The name is really not accidental - inspired by the aesthetics of feng shui, this bag brings good luck to its owner.

The main word in the world of fashion now - sustainability, ie sustainable development. When less - better, and quality always wins over quantity. Low Classic supports this approach not in words but in deeds, creating things, including from recycled materials: the brand produces tops and bicycles from recycled bottles, which you will also find in the SS21 collection.

Attention to detail is noticeable in the design of the brand's blog. Instagram Low Classic, which has more than 180,000 followers, conveys the brand's unspoken motto - "nothing extra". Close-up photos of accessories and lookbooks, more precisely, lowbooks, as the creators call them, are organically mixed with photos of clients against the background of the monochrome concrete exterior of the streets of Seoul.

If Scandinavian minimalism was born as a direct reflection of the peace of culture, then Asian minimalism is based on an escape from the chaos and noise of the big city. At times when we want so much peace, sometimes you should readjust your wardrobe to silent mode. A stylish whisper? Perhaps so.

Returning to the name of this material, we can safely say that Low Classic not only wins the hearts of street fashionistas, but also approaches world recognition at the highest level. And although the Haute Couture Federation in Paris still does not promote Korean brands, their importance in the fashion market today is difficult to underestimate.

A fresh look for Europe at the classic cut of costumes, typical Asian motifs and strict lines that are perfectly assimilated in the European lifestyle, the use of recycled materials and support for responsible consumption - all these are confident steps that are about to provide the brand Low Classic list in every corner of the Earth. Take a look at classic clothes in a new way - a collection SS21 already on our website.

Photo: Low Classic 

Editor: Diana Remizovska

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