M0D44: workwear of the future

Throughout this difficult 2020 year, we watched how global brands are changing and, of course, followed Ukrainian ones. Kiev MOD44 attracted our attention even in winter with the colorful collection M0440003-FW (20). Despite all the turbulence of 2020, the guys are pumping - and they do it in a very high quality, cool and truly streetwear (we understand a little about this). Today we are pleased to present MOD44 in Ogonyok.


MOD44 is a project of Anton Abo, co-founder and former art director of the Ukrainian brand Syndicate. It skillfully reflects the influence of Western and Eastern civilizations on local culture, rethinks the old postulates of the system of our parents, framing them in a daring streetwear shell. The name - [m0d44] - encrypted the word "module" (a reference to the technical aesthetics of the brand) and the telephone code of Kiev 044. Read more about the history and idea of the brand. on Don't Take Fake.


Organic Cotton T-shirt

Oversized T-shirts and sweatshirts of the brand are suitable for both boys and girls - all sets are universal and presented in a free size grid. A great option can be a combination of a catchy upper design with classic jeans and sneakers. Back in vogue, tie-dye will embellish your look in a new way - just like bleach paints unique patterns on things.


Organic cotton sweatshirt

The thrill of young brands - ingenuity and new approaches. The MOD44 feature has become a non-standard approach to materials and fabrics: some of them are welded like boiled jeans, while others, like a puzzle, are woven from pieces of fabrics of different colors, shades and materials. The case when a brand really succeeds in inventing something new, not limited to just oversize. Moreover, the brand understands recycling in a broad sense of the word - this includes recycled fabrics, including second-hand workwear, and visual design created from random pictures, fonts, symbols and other elements from the worldwide web. It's nice when there are really cool things behind the concept.

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A photo: M0D44

Editor: Diana Remizovskaya

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