Close to body and soul: Lutiki T-shirts are what everyone lacks

The series designer Lutiki dedicated a new collection to escape from cold lands to warm latitudes - she created a full-fledged mini-wardrobe for late breaks.

Who is the designer?


Sonya Soltes is one of the representatives of the avant-garde of Ukrainian fashion. She is a costume designer, a person who painstakingly tunes the visual strings of the hero, because it is the image and details of the character that reveal him in the eyes of the beholder.

“Clothes for me are one of the types of architecture. More than just fabric. The costume serves the purpose of the director, and the clothing serves the purpose of the person, "Soltes said. in an interview with

Sonya also works as a stylist for the stars of Ukrainian show business, thinking over the concepts of clips for the first people of the national pop scene. Who else if not she can choose a thoughtful and thoughtful image for her clients?

We knew Sonya long before we started working with the brand - her Instagram hypnotizes with thoughtful photos in the feed and stories. And last year we were lucky to meet her in person in Odessa.


Conceptual brand Lutiki (the name comes from the word "fierce") skillfully combines the practicality and minimalism of ready-to-wear with the philosophy of haute couture. Collection "Eclipse" Soltes dedicated to the escape from cold lands into warmth, for which she made a capsule set of seven things. One of them we became more interested than others - we will talk about it further.

One of seven

    The asymmetric tees featured by Soltes are a great example of the combination of capsule wardrobe particles and fashion experiments. They have rightfully become the symbols of the collection, because it is rarely possible to create a basic garment with its own flavor. One that will be remembered. It was with them that we decided to start a close acquaintance with the brand.

    Lutiki tees are a great full-on top when you take off your jacket or sweater indoors. A comfortable ribbed tank top will connect you to a host of new bows you simply couldn't assemble without it.

    The complete collection can be viewed on Sony Soltes website, and you can already buy jerseys on our website.

    Photo: Lesha Leach for Vogue UA, Lutiki

    Editor: Diana Remizovskaya

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