Everyday essentials, or the underwear you want to live in

Imagine Sunday morning. Morning when you don't need anywhere, when the alarm is set at 12:00, just to catch the sun at its zenith at breakfast. The same time when the only question that arises in your head is coffee or tea? Have you presented? 

What would you like to be dressed in for such a gentle and intimate moment? Hardly in a cocktail dress or on the contrary a casual bow. Even ordinary pajamas do not seem to fit the romance and cinematic nature of the moment. Perhaps the best option is total nude - a set of your favorite lingerie. When you just open your eyes and barely get out of the blanket's embrace, there must be something delicate on the skin to prolong the pleasure of the comfort feeling.

There is nothing more pleasant for sleeping or relaxing at home than high quality and comfortable underwear.

But do you not imagine yourself in French cinema every morning?
Of course, but with clothes or lack of it, you can get a little closer to it, turning an ordinary morning, maybe not into a “new wave” movie, but at least into its modern adaptation, adjusted for reality.

Indeed, there is nothing more pleasant for sleep or home relaxation than high quality and comfortable underwear. A wardrobe item that began to appear on the market only in recent years: for a very long time, all lingerie was either in the femme fatale style, or too sporty, and if comfortable models appeared, then it is more elegant than homage to grandmother's fashion, it is difficult to name them ...

The creator of the Love Stories brand faced the same problem by her personal example. Marlus Hodeman decided to create her "love stories" while walking past lingerie stores in her native Amsterdam. After many hours of agony of choosing underwear, she realized that she could not find an option that balances between sports sets and outrageously candid sexy models.

Hodeman took a pencil when she arrived home and drew a sketch of her first set - "sexy, but not about sex."

From that moment on, her main task was to make it easier for girls to choose their “second skin”, clothes so comfortable that you no longer feel it on the body. As cotton candy melts in your mouth after a couple of seconds, so the feeling of tissue on the body seems to disappear.

The Essentials

The name of the latest collection, Love Stories, is the most frequently used word on any fashion resource. What is it?

We all kind of guess that we are talking about a piece of clothing that everyone, without exception, needs, a must-have, only in a new way. But lately there have been so many such "obligations" that the original meaning of the concept has already been forgotten. We believe that the range of essential things is much narrower.

Call us crazy experimenters, but there are a million things, styles, colors and cuts, why not try a little bit of everything?

But there is one but. Underwear. Lingerie is really essential. Everyone, without exception, wears it. This is the thing that is closest to us, to our body. And on how and from what materials it is made, not only our aesthetic sense of self depends, but also our mood, even purely physiologically. Scientists have long confirmed that sleep quality depends on how comfortable you feel in what you sleep in. That is why linen can be both an annoying mosquito over the ear that haunts you, and an analogue of your favorite perfume, which is with you all day, barely noticeable, but with you.



The principal position of Love Stories is natural fabrics and a wide dimensional grid (from A to F). The brand appeals to women who are looking for comfortable lingerie, but at the same time are not ready to compromise on beauty.

It's nice to have a piece of home, a piece of your favorite bed on yourself all day. And even better - to allow yourself to spend a weekend or autumn-winter evenings in the company of your beloved and beloved Love Stories lingerie.

Trust us to write your love story. Choose lingerie sets on our website.

Photo: Love Stories

Editor: Diana Remizovskaya