This is for New Year🎄

Finally, we come to the finish line and, like in children's fairy tales, we defeat the villain, whose name is 2020. It's time to forget about all the difficulties that the last ten months have brought us and focus on the universal good - gifts! This time we have collected a whole for you collection of gifts from our brands, which we have ordered specifically for the New Year holidays. And another special gift will be handmade toys - we have been decorating the Christmas tree in Ogonyok with them for five years, and now we have brought them for you too. But first things first.

- What day is today?

- Today.

- My favorite day.

And so not only Winnie the Pooh, who owns the quote above, but also the Dutch lingerie brand Love Stories, which released sets for every weekday of the week... Adding some order to our chaotic world is an absolutely win-win strategy. This is what everyday clothes really mean! And for those who prefer to choose lingerie according to their mood, Love Stories have created set-trio - with soft pink, classic black and bold leopard. With such gifts, every day is a favorite day.

Love Stories Bundle

Home Sweet Home

"Love Actually", "Home Alone", "Harry Potter" - everyone's favorite New Year's films are different. But the way of viewing them is traditional for most of us: wrapped in a blanket, with a cup (or glass) of something hot. And if the choice of drinks is large, then in the case of a blanket, the choice is obvious - Norwegian Tom Wood 100% wool blankets... Replacing a warm hug during social distancing.

Plaid Tom Wood

Naturally, in addition to the films and the President's speech, on New Year's Eve we also look at the tree (and under it, of course). To decorate it, instead of ordinary glass balls, we offer you, without exaggeration, amazing Christmas toys Nisa Toys, created by hand by Natalia Maksimova from Odessa. She loves vintage and, inspired by retro shapes and techniques, makes Christmas decorations according to old recipes, which her grandmother shared with her. Natalia uses starch and cotton wool to make Christmas tree decorations - it takes several working days to create one toy. Snow Maidens and Santa Clauses, Malvins and Pierrot, chimney sweeps, huts, aerial acrobats, snowmen and fabulous animals - all of them will add to your holiday the atmosphere of a winter fairy tale. The fire warns: if you choose these toys for gifts, immediately hide the boxes until the New Year, because the temptation to keep them is sooo great :)

Christmas toys Nisa Toys

We also paid attention to the festive table. This time, the new Ukrainian brand Rechi is responsible for its beauty, which, as a production designer in cinema, helps to equip life at the same time beautifully and practically. Choose a tablecloth and soft linen napkins for a festive serving and decorate the table for the arrival of guests, collect sets of different colors as gifts, or use tissue napkins to wrap other gifts using the Japanese furoshiki technique. We are convinced that the details matter, or rather, that "all the riches are in the speeches."

Linen napkins Rechi

The “new normality” we now live in is the reality of introverts and couch potatoes, because we have never spent so much time in our home space. Social boundaries are also smoothed out a little, and therefore even going to the store in pajamas does not seem crazy. In new times, the pioneers of pajama fashion are especially relevant (yes, there is one too) - the Ukrainian brand Sleeper. Since we have been spending more time at home than on the street for a long time, we offer you new ones as a gift. fur slippers... There used to be fur boots for the winter - now there are fur slippers. Everything is extremely simple.

Sleeper Slippers

Or maybe to the mountains? ..

Although many borders are still closed, and planes are leaving ahead of schedule for New Year's holidays, the Carpathians are more popular this year than ever. For lovers of winter holidays, we have also prepared something.

Tickets are bought, the hotel is booked - all that remains is to pack your bags. This is the very moment when Sleeper slippers are replaced by ski boots, and the Tom Wood blanket is replaced by soft ones, and most importantly, warm sweaters and voluminous scarves, which will warm you in the coldest weather no worse than mulled wine.

Are there avid skiers or snowboarders among your friends or family? Then the long-awaited novelty from the Swedes Chimi is exactly for them. The brand's sunglasses have been an absolute bestseller in Ogonyok for several years now, and now they offer to acquire a truly stylish ski mask... We brought seven colors at once - from the usual black and blue to gold, green and even pink. Each pair comes with two lenses with magnets - this makes it possible to choose a lens not only for any weather conditions, but also for a different mood or suit.

Chimi Ski Masks

Little joys are sometimes more important 

Here we will talk about our (and, we know for sure, your) favorites - Tom Wood jewelry... The coming year of the White Metallic White Bull hints at silver jewelry as a gift - pay attention to unisex pendants and bracelets (included or separately). And of course, earrings - whatever the New Year's outfit, they will become the perfect finishing element of the image. However, if your loved ones love gold, then you should not deny them this - Tom Wood has taken care of this too. And for those who like to combine silver and gold, we have a life hack: Liz Hoops earrings are available in both metals and have two links. Choose a pair for yourself and your friend and change one link in each earring - this way you get two unique pairs, which also unite both of you.

Earrings Tom Wood

    For those who did a good job

    And finally, let's recall our December surprise - a joint collection of T-shirts and caps with the Ukrainian brand KSENIASCHNAIDER «Employee of the Year». If we imagine that 2020 is a multi-part film or comic strip with the most unpredictable plot, then the employees of the year in it are definitely superheroes. And every superhero is known to have his own superhero form. Such a gift is a great opportunity to express gratitude to colleagues, relatives or to yourself and say: “Well done, you did a good job this year”.

    There are only a few days left until the New Year, so you just have to choose! Think about what you and your loved ones want to enter into the year of the White Metal Bull - and let the most desirable gifts appear under the tree.