Retrofête: a holiday that is always with you!

Last month of 2020. The year, the end of which we look forward to with special impatience. Mariah Carey and her "All I Want For Christmas Is You" are already on the tops of streaming on Apple Music and Spotify, paired with New Year's songs by Frank Sinatra - we are all waiting for the holiday. And even if you do not yet know where you will celebrate the New Year, we suggest that you already decide on an outfit. The upcoming 2021 is our ray of light after such a difficult year. And let this ray shine from your literally shiny Retrofête dress on New Year's Eve.

Gabriele Champagne Dress

Back to the 80's

The brand name speaks for itself - it's a mix of vintage inspiration, retro, and the French word for holiday, fête... Its creators Ohad Seroya and Aviad Klin began their journey in the fashion industry by selecting vintage items for their friends and family, while at the same time forming their own vintage collection. Having helped other brands grow and develop for many years, Ohad and Aviad have come to create their own - inspired by shiny vintage dresses from the 70s and 80s, which, with a light hand, returned to fashion with a modern twist. Attention to detail and a careful approach to the elaboration of each dress allowed Retrofête to become not only famous in narrow circles in just two years, but to become the brand that the stars choose to appear on the red carpet.

Retrofête is made for the woman who needs to be seen. She is not at the party, she IS the party.

Sequins, bright colors, short skirts and a desire to attract everyone's attention send us to the era of the world famous disco in the iconic New York club Studio 54, back to the days when Madonna and Michael Jackson were superstars and Tina Turner sang her famous “Simply the Best” from the stage in an ultra-short sequin mini. The epoch of the eighties beckons with its boldness, brightness and sexuality - the same can be said with confidence about the Retrofête dresses.


You can't forbid living brilliantly

As you already understood, the distinctive feature of the dresses of the New York brand is sequins, "gold" loosely translated from French. Moreover, this is not one, not two, not a hundred or even a thousand sequins - the brand's dresses are literally completely covered with them. You might think that the trend for total brilliance appeared only in the last century, but the tradition of decorating clothes with flat shiny discs dates back to the time of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun - in the tomb he was found in luxurious clothes strewn with gold sequins. The opening of the tomb in 1922 became a sensation - Egyptian motifs gained immense popularity around the world, and shiny clothes returned to fashion. Of course, Hollywood actresses and cabaret dancers shone brightest in sparkling dresses. But the 70s and 80s became the triumph of sequin fabric - golden "scales" blew up the dance floor with their brilliance with the onset of the disco era.

Tzilli White Dress

All that glitters is not gold

Although the origin of the sequin refers to gold, the shiny details of the costume have long been found in absolutely any color. And since 2021 will be held under the sign of the White Metal Bull, the colors of the next year correspond to it - this is white and silver... The collection of Retrofête dresses in these shades is already waiting for you on our website... Remember that even if there is no holiday around you in the traditional sense, you can become a holiday yourself. And even if you do not believe in the wisdom of the eastern horoscope, we are convinced that if you celebrate the new year in a sparkling Retrofête dress, it promises to be just as bright

@novaocto in Gabriele Silver dress

Even if there is no holiday around you in the traditional sense, become a holiday yourself and compose your own funny winter fairy tale on your own. New collection of dresses Now Available.

Editor: Diana Remizovskaya

A photo: Retrofête, Theluxilook

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