Julia Zmeeva: "I want to try, but I'm afraid - for me this is about a modern woman"

Yulia wears a System Studios shirt and skirt, Tom Wood jewelry

#TogetherMyOgonyok - and this is not just the name of a section on our instagram, but the essence of what Ogonyok has become in its thirteen years. I have long cherished the idea of an open conversation with our guests, and today I am starting a series of interviews with them - people who delight, inspire and who have become an integral part of the Ogonyok. The first heroine was Julia Zmeeva. She is a practicing psychotherapist, enjoys interior design, brings up three children - Emilia, Olivia-Maria and Leonard - and has entrusted her image to us for many years. Julia and I met in her new apartment (the beauty is incredible!) And over a glass of sparkling wine we talked about a modern woman, about the ability to seduce, and, of course, about shopping and favorite things ...

Julia, describe yourself in one sentence.

What am I? I think that I am light and flexible enough.

What is your strength?

I love people, I am very empathic and if I like people, I literally grow into them. 

What do you like about people in return?

Naturalness, eccentricity and unpredictability. I love it when people open up from a side unexpected for me, unexpected in a good way.

What's your favorite flaw in yourself?

(Laughs) I'm shy, I can be embarrassed very quickly.

What talent would you like to have?

It is beautiful to speak: capaciously, ornate, as if weaving lace.

What is your favorite food?

I really love cheese, they are different - like people. Sometimes those cheeses that smell bad for someone or look bad, I want to reveal layer by layer. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I love wine (laughs), and cheese is the most correct accompaniment for it. In general, I like to eat bread with cheese and wine - this is from a simple meal.

That is, you don't have to ask about your favorite drink. White or red?

Yes, it is wine, and our relationship with it is volatile. Previously, I literally took offense at those who, knowing me, came to visit with a bottle of white. I told them: "You know, I love red, tannic, complex, tart wines." But over time, listening to myself, I realized that I also love white wines, and in general I love different wines to suit my mood, and now, in general, the period when I like sparkling ones - kava and creman.

What is your favorite place?

I love my house. And I finally fell in love with being at home alone. 

At what moments do you feel energized?

When I spend time with my friends and family - husband and kids. It is much more difficult to spend quality time with a family, because the family is large - everyone has different rates, interests, we are all different. But it succeeds when we do something together, everyone is included in the joint process and everyone gets high.

A modern woman is ...

... above all, an open mind. This is a woman who knows how to be flexible, no matter what difficult conditions life offers her. “Yes, okay, why not try it? I'll try! " It's scary, but this "I want to try, but I'm afraid" - for me it's about a modern woman. And also, I would like to see more femininity in modern women so that it does not get lost. For me, it's about seduction, and about the ability to seduce not with looks, but with intellect and humor.

What is the most difficult part for you as a wife?

I really like this maxim: a husband can do a lot if he wants, and he can do anything if his wife wants it. (Smiling)

Are you wearing your husband's things?

Of course, these are favorite clothes. His hoodies, black T-shirts are his favorite sweater.

What is beauty in yourself for you?

I believe that beauty comes from within and the appearance is very spoiled by tension. The more the head is unloaded, the better everything is in place in it, the more relaxed the face is.

The first thought you wake up with in the morning? (My favorite question)

When I wake up, I ask myself the question: can I not do my morning routine now and devote time to myself?

The thought with which you fall asleep?

I'm not sure I'm falling asleep thinking (laughs). Thoughts rather interfere with sleep. Most often, before going to bed, I think about how effective I was over the past day, what I did and what I could not do in order to be more in contact with myself.

What does your ideal dinner look like?

My ideal dinner, I hope, will happen very soon - at my house, at a common table, with my beloved friends and invited people unknown to me, preferably with a different mentality, perhaps even foreigners. I prepare this dinner for the guests and share my gastronomic skills with them. Such a gourmet dinner.

What would you prepare for your guests?

I would probably cook seafood in a cheese sauce with truffle, grilled doversol fish and baked figs with ice cream.

What are you proud of?

Pride is not my characteristic at all. But I am proud that I have a family, a fairly good family. Although I always have a question if I'm good enough for this family. This quality - comparing myself with other families and other people - is not my best quality, but it gives me the opportunity to get away from myself (laughs) and say to myself: "Yes, everything worked out okay, one might even say cool!"

What act in your youth made you feel cool?

I believe that I escaped from under the wing of my parents, stability and guardianship early enough - at the age of eighteen. There was a good offer to go to Kiev to work - and I was not scared, this intrigue pulled me in. This I am proud of.

How did you dress when you were young?

Oh my God! (laughs) I dressed very eccentrically, brightly, sexy. My children, brought up by me in a different aesthetics, finding photographs from my youth, ask the question: "Mom, so you were a collective farmer?" Even a red or crimson manicure in my photo causes dissonance.

What motivates you to buy things?

Sometimes it happens on the way - it often happens with the Fire. I go for bread, and in the end I find myself without bread, but with a weighty bag of any cool junk. In Odessa, I only go to you and literally in a couple of places. But it's not about shopping, it's about communicating with people. And if I need a thing for a specific event, I know exactly where to go, and I try to call Jordan in advance (laughs) - he will definitely come up with something.

What's your favorite piece of Fire?

Last time it was cool leather culottes. I love Anna October very much, I love POUSTOVIT. And dresses by Rejina Pyo.

How would you describe your style today?

Restrained, but at the same time with elements of covered sexuality, one might even say closed sexuality - for those who know how to reveal it. And probably layering.

What is Fire for you?

For me, Fire is the people with whom it is filled, it is character. This is the place where I will definitely always be offered stylish unbroken things. This is a house - you have there just like in an apartment. This is the house to which everyone is invited, but not everyone. It's nice to be his guest. I feel that I can be proud that they are always glad to see me there.

Afterword by the author:

I am very glad and very proud that Julia is ours. I try to avoid the word "client", I just like to say "our man". Below I am pleased to share the book and podcasts that Julia noted during the interview. It is a pity that one interview will not fit everything that we had time to discuss during these two hours at a beautiful dining table.

P.S. In the choice of sparkling wine, Julia's taste is also impeccable, so at the very bottom I share it with you.

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A photo: Nikita Zhuravlev