Petar Petrov — the podium debut of the Austrian virtuoso

Petar petrov

Those who have been following European top-class brands for a long time have already definitely heard about Petar Petrov. Among the fans

this iconic designer from Ukraine, living in Vienna, in addition to sophisticated fashionistas from all over the planet, also includes Hollywood authorities, from Hayley Bieber to Anne Hathaway. Petrov has earned a galaxy of loyal fans thanks to the impeccable cut of trousers and skirts, and the characteristic printed dresses with chopped edges and unusual shapes.

Silk dress Petar Petrov

Having recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of his brand, Petar went on a real big voyage - presented his latest collection at London Fashion Week, impressed with his audacity and personality all the fashion publications of the planet. Vogue includes his clothes in the list of trends for the fall, the Evening Standard interviews Petrov, and the fashionable crowd speaks about him as loudly as they have never said before.

Andrew Barber show backstage

Let's try to figure out what is the secret of such a universal success for a multinational fashion esthete. 

“This is the beginning of a new era for the brand,” Petrov said. "We are developing, but we are still wondering what is relevant for a modern woman?"

This quote is why the brand is growing in popularity - an endless search for relevance and what the client wants. According to Petar, he does not want to have one brand identity, but rather flexibility and elasticity, by which it will be impossible to recognize him. The designer is afraid of becoming a prisoner of his name, and is sure that his product should speak for itself, Petrov said in an interview with Vogue magazine.

The first runway show of Petar made it possible to demonstrate his work in a completely new light. The challenge that Petrov takes for himself is always to surprise the viewer and the client. In fact, we really often need people passing by us to come up and ask, where we snatched a dress, blouse or shoes. Clients, according to Petar, expect the work of a psychologist from the designer - to pick up the same “I want something, but I don’t know what exactly”.

True to their shape, airy dresses and floor-length trousers add lightness and freshness to the collection, keeping pace with the desired style of a modern woman. Some of the images stood out for their massive cuffs made of delicate silk, some struck with a hypnotizing print of either the seabed or fox fur. 

Silk dress Petar Petrov
Uniqueness is what united all the images of the show. Victorian shirts, soft winter knee socks and oversized sweaters suggest that Petrov is now definitely "his" on the London fashion scene. 

A trouser suit has long ceased to be an exclusively male part of a wardrobe, we have been able to see classic trousers and double-breasted jackets at shows for several years, but, perhaps, it is the last few years that have become the flourishing of strict and traditionally masculine forms in women's ready-to-wear. The white flying suit presented at the show will surely become the pearl of any fall wardrobe. Literally sparkling fabric combined with a loose fit will suit everyone, without exception.

Jacket and pants Petar Petrov 

It is impossible not to fall in love with the most basic things from Petrov. Warm, wrapping like a warm hug, cashmere sweater is perfect for an evening get-together with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Petar Petrov Cashmere Sweater

The period of curtsey towards the disco era is coming to its logical end and is replaced by such a polar era of the 90s. Wide trousers, jackets and trench coats are the main motives of today. This kind of "throwback" is noticeable not only in the shapes, but also in the shades of color - deep pastel colors are in fashion as never before. The collection of Petar Petrov is made in rich shades of beige, azure and coffee, as well as in classic b / w.

It's a pleasure to create your own basic wardrobe with clothes from Petar Petrov. 

Leather turned out to be one of the symbols of 2020 in the fashion world - both as a skirt and as shorts. Even leather coats are back in fashion. These garments will be the glue that gives you variation and room for experimentation. 

The leather skirt presented by Petrov became the apogee of his recognizable style. The strict and torn shape of the skirt gives a huge field for experimentation. You can stay in the image of a vamp woman by complementing the skirt with an original oversized shirt, or you can add tenderness and casualness to an oversized sweater in pastel colors. 

Petar Petrov leather skirt

We should all leave our comfort zone, and clothes from Petar Petrov are the best companion in this difficult business. 

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