Extreme Cashmere 24/7

A project intended to last beyond the seasons. One material, one size, all people, all occasions *

* A project created to be out of seasons. One Material, One Size, Any Person, Any Occasion

This is how the About Us section begins on the website of the Dutch brand Extreme Cashmere. With 25 years of experience with cashmere, the founders of the brand have created products from it that you can live in, literally 365 days a year, 24/7. And the point here is not only the highest quality and practicality of the fabric, but also in the models that the brand creates - from the already familiar cashmere sweatshirts and oversized sweaters to trousers, T-shirts, T-shirts and even underwear.

Crew hope sweater, glory sweater, yogi pants

Anyone who has ever put on cashmere at least once will confirm: the material is softer and more pleasant to the body simply does not exist. We think the same way and below we tell you what is the beauty of cashmere linen, why cashmere is needed not only in winter and why we cannot imagine a comfortable everyday life without extreme cashmere clothes.

Glory sweater

Why cashmere?

Extreme cashmere uses wool from cashmere goats, which live in small populations in the Chinese mountainous region of Inner Mongolia. It is the harsh climate of this region (in winter the temperature can drop to -50 ° C) that contributes to the formation of a soft, dense undercoat in goats, which allows animals to survive the most severe cold. With the arrival of warmth, in late spring, when the undercoat of the goats is no longer needed, they are combed out to obtain cashmere fibers - carefully, ethically and exclusively by hand. All the finest fibers obtained are sorted by length and for the production of cashmere of the highest quality the longest ones are chosen, from which the fabric for the products is obtained.

It is important to say about, at first glance, absolutely incompatible qualities of cashmere: it is very soft, delicate and warm, but at the same time durable. This fabric is 8 times warmer than wool, and thanks to the hollow fibers that create an airy thermal protection, it is also very light. Moreover, due to the structure of the fiber, cashmere does not cause any unpleasant sensations when worn, it does not prick and is hypoallergenic, so it can even be worn by babies. This is truly gentle warmth. 

Crew hope sweater, glory sweater, yogi pants

Why 24/7?

We are accustomed to the fact that cashmere is exclusively sweaters and scarves in black and white or pastel shades. But extreme cashmere went further and made literally all wardrobe items from cashmere, for any season and for any occasion, in dozens of colors - from the usual gray and brown to yellow banana, blue sky and red heart. You can wear a cashmere T-shirt and tie a sweater over it as a scarf, or wear a sweater with a T-shirt on top. You can wear a set of cashmere trousers and a mono T-shirt, or mix it up. In the end, you can do a total cashmere look: wear briefs or bodysuits, shorts, pants or a skirt, a T-shirt or sweater, or both. And the beauty is that you can go somewhere in this all, or you can stay at home - and in both cases you will be warm and as comfortable as possible. You can even sleep in it - try it, and henceforth no pajamas will replace it for you.


But what about leaving?

Probably after the previous section, you could be afraid that such a special fabric requires special care - this is true, but only partially. Experimenting with the addition of synthetic materials to cashmere, the founders of the brand found the formula for the perfect cashmere product - they added a small percentage of elastane to the fabric. So they got a completely new material: let's not be afraid of this word, extremely warm, maximum wear-resistant and, what is important, very fond of water (not dry cleaning!). We are not fans of the supernatural, but we believe that when washed, cashmere gives water not only all the dust and dirt, but also bad energy. Wash it in a washing machine according to the instructions, which also serves as a tag for each product. Let it rest between the socks, and easily remove the emerging pellets with a special brush that comes with any brand item - and it will serve you forever. You can find detailed instructions for caring for cashmere products in our instagram.

Sweater be unic

A little story that explains a lot

We have personal stories associated with most of the brands represented in Ogonyok - extreme cashmere is no exception. A few years ago, while walking around Paris, we came across a shop window, which we simply could not pass by: there were two mannequins - a man's and a woman's - dressed from head to toe in cashmere. They were wearing trousers, shorts, a dress, a sweater, a T-shirt, a cardigan, scarves, hats - in the window there were like “cashmere” people. We entered the showroom - we were greeted by four gorgeous girls from the brand's team, got to know us and, as is usually the case, gave us a tour. We were completely delighted and, of course, decided to place an order for the store. During a conversation during registration, our leader, Vika Kobeleva, shared that her suitcase was lost for the first time in her life on the way to Paris and she had absolutely nothing to carry. And you know what? Without thinking twice, one of the leaders took off the sweater from the mannequin, gave it to Vika and said: “This is your sweater, put it on and wear it, please, it’s pretty cool in Paris. We will include it in the invoice, pay when you are in Odessa. " Since then, our main constant association with the brand is care. Vika loves this sweater and wears it to this day, and since that time, extreme cashmere has always been in Ogonyok to take care of our people - after all, they loved it no less than we do.

T-shirt, underneath a little cardi

New collection

There will be no announcement of a new collection, because all extreme cashmere clothing is one big collection, out of seasons. Four times a year, the brand presents a new edition of 15 styles, which include new colors and designs and join a single collection.

Cashmere bow cards are waiting for you on our website... And expect the new extreme cashmere edition in November;)