Sweater x 2

Irina Linovich via Style Du Monde

“What if we imagine that a sweater is a self-sufficient outer garment?” It was after this question that the idea of the material that you are reading right now appeared. It would seem, what can surprise us with a sweater - a wardrobe item that is as basic and familiar as jeans or a white shirt. But this season we suggest that you wear it in a radically different way: instead of putting a jacket, jacket or trench coat on top of a sweater, put on ... another sweater. Are we suggesting you get two identical sweaters? Yes. Does this sound strangeoh and wasteful? Only at first glance - and here's why.


First, it's beautiful.

Such an argument might not be convincing, but look at fashion bloggers around the world who jumped at the double sweater idea, garnering tens of thousands of likes and enthusiastic comments from their audience. Moreover, sweaters do not have to be identical at all - choose different sweaters of the same shade or different colors of the same texture, and this will work too. Put on a sweater and then throw a second over your shoulders. You can tie them on your chest or diagonally over your shoulder, you can throw on a second sweater without tying, as a poncho. Or you can even tie it around your hips or waist. Just do what you usually do with a scarf.


Secondly, it is definitely warm. 

Sweaters made of dense fabrics are in no way inferior to demi-season "heaters". And if you, like us, choose cashmere sweaters, the "double" sweater will keep you warm until late autumn. Moreover, cashmere has one important quality that will allow it to be worn for many years: cashmere must "rest". Wear for two days - rest for two days. Rest in this context is to leave a thing hanging around on a hanger. We suggest giving your cashmere a rest right on your shoulders - believe me, it is much more useful there than on a hanger or shelf in a closet.


Thirdly, putting on two sweaters at once, you will be at least original..

The famous postulate "be different or die" sounds a little too radical, but let's be honest, that's why we love clothes. And the above-described "double" move has not yet gone out of a narrow fashion scene into a mass fashion - use it while it is still hot. By the way, if the idea of "double" sweaters captivated you as much as we did, but you are not ready to completely replace your outerwear with a sweater, then put on a sweater in delicate shades just like a cape (or scarf) over a jacket, trench coat or coat, and ... voila!

Pernille Teisbaek via Style Du Monde

P.S. And don't forget that your second pullover can warm someone nearby at the right time.

Editor: Diana Remizovskaya