I came, I saw, I fell in love: a brand that makes life easier

Today we will not talk about trends, fashion trends and fashion weeks - everything is much simpler.

Fortunately or unfortunately, not every day of ours is going out or on an evening promenade. We go to work, run to meetings and are constantly in a hurry somewhere. And what do we wear during our daily routine? Of course, everyone thought of those jeans that have been tested over the years - clothes so versatile that it is difficult even to fit into the fashion framework. They are always somewhere in the middle: not too strict, not yet athletic, but not smart enough to go to the Queen's reception, but for an evening with friends, they are perfect.

We are beautiful when we are confident in ourselves, and confident when we are comfortable

By the way, in Ogonyok, many have not asked for a long time which line - male or female - jeans models belong to. The timeless cut and comfortable fit have overcome all gender boundaries and have become an absolutely universal thing. In general, the question of jeans in our store is always open - we have something to offer everyone.

Tom Wood Shirts & Jeans

How to look good without putting in too much effort?

Let's go back to our favorite brand. Tom Wood does not stop at jeans and offers to literally assemble a demi-season bow like a Lego constructor - piece by piece.

Tom Wood Hoodie & Jeans

Start (naturally) with jeans, which you can wear a T-shirt and (or) sweatshirt on top. Afraid that you will freeze? Throw in a warm jacket, companion with the brand's best-selling classic white shirt.

Tom Wood Wool Sweaters

And if you feel cool in a T-shirt or shirt and the evening promises to end at night - choose an asymmetrical sweater in discreet pastel colors. Feel free to put it on, and let your burning gaze remain the brightest element of the image. 

Let things work quietly — emphasizing and complementing you, not just catching the eyes of others.

Why not take the "Canadian tuxedo" as the basis of your daily look? One head it's good, but two better. We believe this works with denim too.

Denim shirt and jeans by Tom Wood

Complement the look with jeans of the same shade, or, conversely, choose the opposite. Homemade jumpsuit impresses with its simplicity, but much more comfortable than the real one. Don't be afraid to play with textures and accessories. Tom Wood also took care of the latter - a minimalistic ring or earrings will gracefully complement your look. And in the approaching cold, a hat and a scarf made of Norwegian wool will warm you. Or maybe not only you ...

All accessories from Tom Wood

With only minimal effort, you create a look for all time, without being tied to seasons or collections. On such basic sets, the basis of the wardrobe is built, with which you can safely experiment, creating images with any favorite thing from your closet.

On Jordan jeans, shirt and Tom Wood ring

Don't think about what to wear every day - trust your choice to Tom Wood. Find your stylish "forever" with us. New collection already on our website.