Sleeper: cottage as a lifestyle

Together with the sun, "country" traditions finally return to our lives: fresh air, favorite seasonal food and silence away from the bustling cities. Each of us, as a hobbit, periodically wants to hide from the urban grayness and routine in the heat, where you can wear pajamas all day. After all, people in pajamas are always happy, right?

We do not promise to call for sun and warmth, but we can dispel the myth that pajamas are clothes exclusively for the home. And we will do it, of course, addressing the Ukrainian brand Sleeper - and its first in the world walking sleepwearFor the eighth year in a row, Sleeper, which has gained a loyal fan base of stars and fashion editors, is blurring the line between the kingdom of Morpheus and the world of burning deadlines and people in a hurry. Not surprisingly, the brand has found a response both among Ukrainian women and, for example, among the residents of Foggy Albion - rest and comfort are needed by everyone, regardless of place of residence.

A few years ago, looking at lace collars and pastel shades of dresses, we would say "mi-mi-mi". However, now there is a more accurate term for this - cottagecoreIt appeared on the Pinterest platform, and can be defined as a romanticized image of a summer house: weightless floral dresses, unity with nature and bouquets of daisies in hand (the part with digging the garden is silent). A light, almost pajama cut, a straw hat on his head - and here you are, as the heroine of Bradbury's stories, merging with greenery and flowers.

The gentle and slightly hip style of the cottage is the exact opposite of the austerity and chaos of city life. Are you afraid to look cute and always try to look strict, like a needle? We understand you, but a little self-irony will never hurt - especially when it comes to clothes.

Who thought that dresses with embroidered collars are only for children? Being cute is no worse than being serious.

Lounge dress - branded style Sleeper - by its very name states that it was created for recreation. Ideal for an evening walk or spring brunch on the sun terrace.

Jig sleeves, or, as we say, flashlights - a trend that perfectly emphasizes the freedom of movement inherent in every thing Sleeper. Dresses with flashlight sleeves, who returned from the fashion of the last century, date back to the time of Marie Antoinette, the great-grandmother of the cottage. The queen gave up her city life for the sake of hedonism in nature with her retinue. It's tempting, isn't it? Spring atmosphere and sleeves that literally turn into wings in the warm wind. A real combination with nature - and now the whole world around seems to be the impressionist landscapes of Edward Manet.

Wardrobe shapes us no less than we shape it, so more and more people are choosing to change the classics of pastel tones to something brighter. We love spring and summer for their serenity and sunshine, so why not get infected with these qualities? Due to the hectic pace of life, we no longer appreciate the little things that we often forget - cooking, gardening, fresh air. But every thing we love is its own aesthetics. How much easier, right? The trend towards cottage shows a radically different view of life and style in particular - here beauty does not require sacrifices. Delicate dresses and a return to the origins - a breath of fresh air that you can wear.

We are all united by nostalgia - perhaps that is why the styles are so reminiscent of our favorite dresses from childhood, and flowers and prints - my grandmother's country tablecloths. 

Find your dandelion wine in the middle Sleeper dresses. May spring blossom!

Editor: Diana Remizovska