RIXO: brightness for every day

Changing the weather with the power of thought is an ability available only to superheroes from American comics. But we know firsthand how to give battle to cloudy weather with the help of clothes. Dresses with floral prints of the London brand RIXO cope with this task best of all - things that for us invariably symbolize the coming of spring, even if it is not yet visible outside the window. How these bright silk dresses conquered the world are described in the material below.

Imagine Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in a parallel universe, where in their student years they are not engaged in programming, but in fashion. Instead of a garage in Silicon Valley, there is a dorm room at the London College of Fashion. Have you presented? It was there in 2015 that two students - Henrietta Rix and Orla McCloskey - came up with the RIXO brand, combining their names in its name. The girls met on the basis of love for vintage things and instantly became friends, and very soon they preferred to discussing the shades of fabric, styles of dresses and how closely they are in modern fashion to student parties.

 Henrietta Ricks and Eagle McCloskey

As is often the case, friends created a brand because they could not find on the market what they wanted to wear themselves. Every time they returned from the flea market with another vintage dress with an incredible print, they heard a lot of compliments and questions about where to get one. Now they create things that will become vintage in the wardrobe of their customers in the future. In one of the interviews, the girls even admitted that they would also like to turn their store into a kind of vintage market, where clients could exchange things from old collections and get to know each other.

Despite the fact that the girlfriends did not have a clear plan, they had a mission - customer focus to the bone. Having worked in large retail companies, Henrietta and Orla came to the general opinion that few of them really think about how and in what situation the final consumer will wear this or that thing. And this is the most important question that every designer should ask himself.

We want girls to feel like the best version of themselves in our dresses.

The co-founders of the brand do everything together: they develop concepts for future collections, meet customers in a London store, and respond to messages on Instagram. Their life = RIXO. We are very close to this, for some, maybe fanatical, approach, so we feel double sentiment towards the student startup of British women.

Speaking of Instagram, it was thanks to this social network that the brand managed to become world famous and form a global community to which girls pay great attention. They actively share the stories of their customers, reminding them that “everyone can become a RIXO person”. It is worth noting that world-famous stars did not ignore the brand: Margot Robbie, Sandra Bullock, Taylor Swift, Kylie Minogue and many others wear RIXO clothes with pleasure.

Despite the brightness, RIXO dresses are certainly versatile: they will work perfectly with jeans and sneakers, sweaters and sneakers, trench coats and mules, blazers and heeled sandals - and in all these cases you will feel equally comfortable. Floral prints will cheer you up and everyone you meet - we think that dresses, first of all, were created for this very purpose. And please do not hesitate to choose RIXO for every day - when, if not in the spring.

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Editor: Diana Remizovskaya

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