FRISBEE - deferred payment service

Planning expenses does not mean postponing purchases! Now on our site there is a Frisbee service, with which you do not postpone purchases, but payments for them. Pleasant freedom that you create yourself 🔥

We understand that life consists of specific numbers on a bank card and shopping ideas - for example, stored on Instagram. Lists and numbers are often not friendly with each other, and this is normal. It is in order to make them friends, and created a deferred payment service Frisbee. It pays for the purchase for you as well only you choose the plan of the next payments.

Is this service reliable?

Yes, absolutely, because it was created by the team of FONDY - a payment system that has been successfully operating in the international market since 2014 and has been processing all online payments on our website for more than a year.

How much can I make a purchase in installments?

In the amount of up to UAH 15,000.

Can I make a purchase worth more than UAH 15,000?

If you use the service Frisbee for the first time, no - your purchase limit is UAH 15,000. However, if you repay the installment on time - in 45 days or in 3 months, depending on the chosen payment plan, without delay, your purchase limit will be increased to UAH 40,000. You will learn about this from the letter you will receive at the e-mail address specified during registration after the installment has been repaid in full.

Can I make two or more purchases with Frisbee in a row?

Yes, the number of purchases is not limited. The limit exists only for the amount of each purchase.

What is the maximum repayment period in installments?

You can choose one of two plans: within 45 days [first 15 days without overpayments, repayment in any part up to 45 days]; in installments for 3 months [first payment in 30 days and no restrictions on early repayment].

What is the grace period for installment repayment?

15 days - during this period the interest rate is 0.01%. From the 16th to the 45th day, the interest rate is 0.62% for one day. For example, you buy jeans Tom Wood at the price of UAH 9,400. In this case:

1) if you pay for them on the 14th day after the installment payment, you pay UAH 9,400 + UAH 13.16 = UAH 9413.16;

2) if, for example, on the 25th day: UAH 9,400 + UAH 14.10 + UAH 582.80 = UAH 9,996.90;

3) if on the last day of installment repayment, 45th: UAH 9,400 + UAH 14.10 + UAH 1,690.12 = UAH 11,104.22.

If I return the goods, will I have to pay any interest?

According to the legislation of Ukraine, you can return the goods within 14 days from the date of purchase - and in this case you pay only 0.01% of the purchase amount for each day of use in installments. Read more about the terms of return of goods here.

For which banks' customers are installments available?

For customers of any bank who have reached 18 years.

What data is required for the conclusion of the contract?

Your contact details - name, phone number, e-mail address; date of birth, TIN, data on employment and monthly income; passport or ID card data.

How long does it take to verify my data?

If you do not have debts under other loan agreements, your data will be checked by the system automatically within 5-15 minutes. If the system requests additional verification, the operator will call you to ask additional questions. During business hours, the operator will call you within 30 minutes. If you make a purchase during non-business hours, the operator will call you at the beginning of the next business day.

Can I be denied a contract?

Yes, if you have a significant debt under other loan agreements, are a malicious taxpayer or you are under 18 years old. How do I get a contract to sign? After successful verification of your data, the contract with them will appear in your personal Frisbee account.

What contract will I sign?

Loan agreement on the terms of a non-revolving credit line between a legal entity (FC HELEXI LLC) and an individual (you).

Is this agreement legal?

Yes, the contract is made according to the current legislation of Ukraine. How can I sign a contract online? The contract is signed with the help of an electronic signature with a one-time identifier - you will receive a one-time OTP password in an SMS message. After its introduction in the personal account the contract will be signed.

What if I don't receive an SMS with a password?

Please try again to get the password. If you did not receive the SMS a second time, please call support Frisbee by phone: + 38-044-364-77-99.

How Frisbee will use the data provided by me for the conclusion of the contract?

Frisbee may not use your data in any other way than to enter into and perform the loan agreement.

How is payment under the contract?

You can make a payment in three ways: Each time you pay the required amount in your personal account Frisbee using your payment card details. Save payment card data in your personal account and set up regular payments. According to the details in the branch of your bank.

Can it Frisbee do I automatically debit my card?

Frisbee cannot automatically deduct money from your card, unless you have saved your card details in your personal account and set up regular payments.

How do I get a reminder for contract payments?

The FRISBEE support operator will call you. If you have chosen a payment plan within 45 days, the operator will call you on the last day of the interest-free period (15th day), as well as on the last day of installment payment (45th). If you have chosen a payment plan within 3 months, the operator will call you on the last day of repayment of the first payment (30th), as well as on the last day of repayment of installments - 3 months from the date of signing the contract.

Can I repay the installment early?


Will I have to pay an additional commission for early repayment of installments?

No, you not only choose your installment payment plan, but also do not pay a hidden commission for early payment.

If I repay the installment early, can I make a second purchase immediately?

So. And if this was your first purchase from Frisbee, the limit for the next will be increased to UAH 40,000.

What happens if I default on my contract?

In this case, you will have to pay a penalty for each day of delay from the amount of overdue debt in accordance with the contract and current legislation of Ukraine. If you did not make the payment on the last day of installment payment, the next day you will receive a call from the support operator Frisbeeto remind you to pay and see when you can make it. If you do not make the payment within the specified period, the operator will call you again with a reminder. If you do not contact the Frisbee operator and do not answer its calls, your data may be transferred to the collection company. But we are sure that this will not happen;)

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Read more about the Frisbee deferred payment service here.