Easter Sunday: the experience of the Ogonyok team

If you have been following us for a long time, you know that we are a holiday with the whole team! In the blog we have already told you about choice of gifts for the New Year, summed up the team year on his birthdayisLight, and now it's time to talk about our favorite Easter traditions. After all, Easter is without a doubt the main holiday of spring. A day when all family and friends gather at the same table, no matter what is happening around. How we serve a festive table, what we prepare for Easter Sunday, what outfits we choose and what Easter cakes we have not betrayed for many years - all this is in the material below.

A modern look at Ukrainian traditions

As hedonistic as it may sound, the first association with a favorite holiday is a set festive table with a dozen full plates and glasses. However, often these plates and glasses do not change over the years, because all the attention is drawn to new recipes and choosing the best wine for them. Justice dishes! Even scientists confirm that our satisfaction with the meal directly depends on its serving. Especially when on the table tableware from Gunia Project.

The main idea and concept of the brand is the adaptation of Ukrainian folk images on functional objects of daily use. Yes, art has long ceased to be something to look at only from the outside. To learn more about Ukrainian culture, it is no longer necessary to rush to the museum of local lore - you can study it, having a good time at the table with your loved ones. Gunia Project dedicated a new thematic collection of Easter utensils - it includes cherubs, lambs, Mary and other elements of folk icons combined with geometric ornaments and floral patterns. The team of the brand is very trembling with traditions - these dishes are created to start new ones. So we traditionally decorate the table with Christmas dishes for Christmas Gunia, and next Sunday we will put Easter on the table for the first time stands for Easter eggs and plates for Easter cakes.

Minimalist textiles for the holiday table

We do not agree that beauty is only in the details - it is everywhere. Only here the details place punctuation marks in the beauty around: when necessary, they put a dot, and sometimes a coquettish dot with a comma. In our case, such details at the holiday table are napkins and tablecloths Rechi. Like your favorite playlist from the 80's and 90's, they always complement the festive tables of our team. Textiles do for someone inconspicuous, but such an important work that gives pleasure not only visually but also to the touch.


We like to eat

Of course, we could not help but write about food. As for the main symbol of the holiday, here we are in solidarity with the whole team - we adore it Easter cakes from Odessa Make My Cake. If we are happy to paint eggs ourselves, we delegate baking to professionals. We love to eat Easter cake with sour cream or Greek yogurt - we advise you to try it, if you have not done so before. In addition to Easter cakes and colorful Easter eggs, our Easter table is usually young boiled potatoes with dill, spring salad with leeks, cheese and lots of fresh spring vegetables.


Time for spring dresses

Despite the fact that the weather forecast has been showing disappointing rains for two weeks now, it is noticeably warmer outside the window - and they are finally promising a real spring for Easter. Every girl in our team has already chosen her dress for Sunday celebration - they stopped at the dresses of Ukrainian women Sleeper and british RIXO.

If you read our previous one material about cottage, you already know exactly what dress sleeper perfect for an Easter weekend in the country or on the terrace of the house. And if you want something even brighter, choose RIXO dresses - As the founders of the brand say, in them "you will be the best version of yourself." Consider that we have already conducted a real crash test of our Easter dresses-favorites, the only collision they had to go through - a collision with the beautiful.

Shine brighter this Sunday than the May sun, gather your loved ones at the Easter table and leave all worries in April. And leave us help in preparing for the holiday - look for the Easter collection on our website and come every day from 11 to 21.

Photo: Mikita Журавльов

Editor: Diana Remizovska